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Essential Joint Support

Experiencing any type of joint pain can have a negative impact on any one’s life.

I had joint pain and swelling in my left knee, as well as joint pain in my right shoulder, both at the same time.

Taking pain pills and anti-inflammatory prescription drugs was not an option for me. I wanted my body to fix both pain problems.

Having a 35 plus years background in science and pharmacy I had the tools and the desire to go to work to find a solution to my problem.

I am a firm believer in the ability of our bodies to nourish, defend and repair themselves properly when given the right nutritional building blocks with which to work.

Long story short – I developed my Essential Joint Support supplement formula after many trials and tweaking. I am happy to say I was totally successful in my endeavor and now I am offering my exclusive Essential Joint Support formula to all those other people suffering daily from any form of joint pain and swelling.

See for yourself and maybe you will become a believer again in your own body’s ability to repair itself when given the right essential nutritional building blocks.

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